Dee writing tips (2)

Dan dee pun berbagi tips menulis lagi di twitter #deewritingtips…

inilah re-postingnya

  • When in doubt, open up Kamus Besar Bhs Ind or Tesaurus Bhs Ind. Don’t trust the text fr media or commercials.
  • Limit snacking while writing. It takes away your attention and you might have grease on your keyboard
  • Real data are good, but too much of ’em will eat up your story. So know when to stop
  • All writers have dealt with rejected n unfinished manuscripts. So don’t let one failing manuscript stop you
  • Writer’s block? Well, sometimes universe DOES need to stop you ☺

Dee Writing Tips

tips menulis langsung dari Dee Lestari yg di-reposted dari tweet-nya di twitter @deelestari

– Always create a story from what moves you the most, something that keeps you awake at night. Don’t compromise for less.
– I believe in Darwin when it comes to ideas. Only the fittest will survive, the weak ones will drop by themselves.
– Do not look for inspiration. Inspiration will find you. All you need to do is observe and listen
– Have your manuscript printed when you want to do editing. Don’t do it on your computer screen. It feels very different.
– Final reading from a printed text puts you in the reader’s seat. Helps you to get more clarity and objectivity.